If your student or someone in your family has been impacted by COVID-19, it is important to notify HSC as quickly as possible so that we can take the appropriate steps to keep our students and staff safe.


During normal school hours please notify the front by desk by calling 720-289-9230. 

Outside of normal school hours please click the NOTIFY HSC button to your right to complete the google form.

The four reasons why you would use this notification system are if any of the following is true for your child:

Your child was tested for Covid-19 (no result yet)
Your child received a positive test result for Covid-19
An immediate family member has tested positive for Covid-19
Your child was exposed to someone who has tested positive for Covid-19

School staff will follow up as soon as possible to provide information about the next steps accords to the JCPH & CDHPE guidelines.

Thank you for taking steps immediately to notify the school so they can implement the appropriate plan based on the information provided.