About Us

WWA's Homeschool Connection (HSC for short!) is a free, fine arts enrichment program offered to home school students between 5 to 12 years of age. Students attend one day a week and take six elective type classes. Our subjects include art, home economics, martial arts, hands on science, technology, and more!

Our program is designed to supplement the learning your students are receiving at home, not replace it. We offer the unique opportunity for students to take classes that work better in a peer setting and that can be difficult to teach one on one. Additionally, HSC helps connect students with their peers and builds community among homeschool families. 

We offer classes on Tuesdays, and Wednesdays in Westminster at Family in Christ Church. On Thursdays in Evergreen at Aspen Ridge Church. And on Fridays in Lakewood at Lakewood Church of Christ. HSC is inclusive to all types of homeschool families and while we host our program in different church spaces we are not affiliated with any of our churches. 

To find out on how to enroll your student at HSC please visit our Enrollment Page

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Our Mission Statement

At Woodrow Wilson Academy's Homeschool Connection we strive to enhance the learning that our students are receiving at home, not replace it. Through our fine arts and enrichment based classes we seek to provide learning opportunities that might be more difficult to teach at home or are simply more effective in a group setting. Our main goal is always to provide a community for homeschoolers in the Denver Metro Area, and to provide a space where students can learn, grow, and play together. 

Our History

A little history about how HSC started: In 2003, a group of homeschool parents approached Tim Matlick, who was an administrator at Woodrow Wilson Academy, a charter school in Westminster Colorado, looking for an enrichment program for their children. Together they created a fine arts and enrichment program that today, has grown to four days a week, and three different locations.