Attendance Policies

Weekly Attendance


If your student is absent, please call the attendance line, 720-289-9230 ext. 1, or email no later than 10:00am on the day of the absence. While we know that HSC is supplemental to the education you are providing your children at home, many of our classes require steady attendance to be successful. If your student misses three or more weeks in a semester without notification, they will be unenrolled from the program. If they would like to return to HSC, they will have to re-enroll next semester granted there is space available. 


October Count


Every year the district has a window of time called "October Count" where the district looks at our enrollment, attendance, student work, etc. Many reports are turned in for the district to determine funding for our enrichment program. This year’s October Count is Friday, September 24th until Friday, October 8th. The funding we receive is the ONLY reason we are able to provide the quality teachers and classes that we offer, so again, it is imperative that your student is present on their HSC days during this time. If a student misses more than one day during this window, we reserve the right to withdraw your student from the program. 

For additional questions email


We know our families love to travel, and we support that fully! We ask that you try not to schedule any major trips during this time as to avoid missing your student’s HSC days. In the event of an unplanned absence (i.e. your student is sick), please email with the date, student’s name, reasons for absence, AND documentation of absence (i.e. a doctor’s note, receipt for travel, etc).


Snow Day Policy

HSC follows Jeffco Schools for closures, so you can check local news stations and Jeffco’s website for school closures. Additionally, because our staff and families drive from all over to attend our program, there are times when HSC might have a delayed start, early release, or closure outside of Jeffco’s decision. Anytime there is a delayed start, early release, or closure, you will be notified using the Jeffco School Messenger automated messaging system which uses your contact information from Jeffco Connect profile. Please make sure your information is current and it is HIGHLY recommended that you select Text, Phone, and Email under Notifications located in the Contacts settings of your profile.

Our familys’ safety is our number one priority. If you do not feel safe driving to HSC on a snowy day, please stay home and do what’s best for your family. We will excuse all absences as long as you call 720-289-9230 or email  us at and let us know.

We will always try to notify you as early as possible when a delayed start, closure or early release will occur. There have been a few occasions where the snow accumulation becomes more severe during the commute and a decision has to be made to best protect both students and staff. In order to make sure you are being notified as soon as possible, please make sure your Jeffco Connect Account is up to date, and your Notifications Preferences are set to Phone, Email, and Text.

For all attendance related questions please email