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Immunizations are due by August 1st. However, if your student is turning 5 or 11 before October 1st 2021, we recommend waiting to submit immunizations until they've received their updated shots. These can be emailed to or can be faxed to 720-289-9230 straight from your doctor's office.

Non-Medical Exemptions:


The law for filing non-medical exemptions has changed for the 2021-22 school year. There are now TWO ways you can file a non-medical exemption:

  • File a Non-Medical Exemption form with a signature from an immunizing provider

  • OR File the Certificate of Non Medical Exemption that is received after completing the Online Immunization Education Module

    • The video will take you 20 mins to complete. Upon completion of the video you will be given a certificate of exemption to fill out. You can do multiple exemptions for multiple children. 

    • To view the Transcript to see the language and images used in the video click HERE

Medical Exemptions:

Medical Exemption form

Students with a Medical Exemption only need to fill this once unless the student’s information or school changes.

CIIS Opt-Out:

Under Colorado law, you can remove your child’s immunization information from the Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS) at any time. This is called an opt-out. If you change your mind, you can always have your health care provider re-enter your child’s immunization record into CIIS at a later time.


To opt out of CIIS please keep complete a CIIS Opt-Out Form

  • Attach one signed copy of the form to your child’s medical record in the location usually reserved for the immunization record, if applicable or practical for clinic work flow.​

  • Mail, email, or fax one signed copy of the CIIS Opt-Out Form to the CIIS office at the address on the bottom of the form.

  • Keep one signed copy of the form for your records.​

You can view all this information and more on the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment website. For all questions regarding immunizations and exemptions please email

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